Saturday, September 25, 2010

Marvel Tales #262

Marvel Tales #262 - Comic of the DayComic books like Marvel Tales are a little strange. They contain stories that originally printed in another comic book and stories which are completely new to the specific issue. I don't think I enjoy the reprint idea unless it is reprinted in a trade paper back or a hardcover addition. Something about the publisher reusing stories, without adding much new content, to sell more issues seems a little sleazy to me. You basically get a 4 to 8 page original story and a new cover for the price of a standard comic book.

The comic of the day retells a Marvel tale worth retelling: the first time Woodgod and the Hulk meet. Who the heck is Woodgod? Have you ever played Mega Man 2? You may remember a certain stage boss you had to beat using Metal Man's buzz saw blades. That certain stage boss...was not Woodgod. That was Wood Man. But still! Mega Man 2 was sick! Am I right?

Marvel Tales #262 has me thinking about video games which basically means the stories inside were pretty lame. I will say, the one part I did enjoy was in the X-Men back-up tale. At one point Colossus grabs Wolverine to pull over their classic grab and toss move, but Colossus gets momentarily blinded and throws Wolvie into a wall. That part did make me smile.