Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ka-zar the Savage #1

Ka-zar the Savage #1 - Comic of the DayThe thing I always consider when catching an episode of "Survivor" (I think it is in it's 20th season or so) is how hard it would be to be around attractive women. There have been seasons with plenty of attractive contestants because while it may take cleverness and physical ability to win, it is still a television show which needs good-looking people to... survive several years on prime-time TV. Watching a group of hot muddy people...not so bad. Watching a group of ugly muddy people...yeah, think about that.

So here we have some beautiful people, shirtless at times, getting raw and primal with nature, what do we think is going to happen? There is going to be some pairing and hooking-up. But this isn't regular hooking-up. This is "we are in the jungle without a shower, bath or cleaning supplies for weeks" hooking-up. It's dirty. I'm not talking dirty hook-up in a bathroom at a club (I write a comic book blog...I assume this happens because television shows like "CSI" tell me it happens. Where else is a party girl going to get murdered?), I'm talking dirty "going to be dirty in places that need cleaning when dirty," dirty. Yeah, the gross kind.

Personally, I take a shower after I kiss a woman (one woman, I swear...she reads this blog *cough* stalker *cough*). Get'n down...lord! I'm using the loofah and everything after that physical act!

Now is the point when readers think...
  • Dude, his girl friend must be gross if he is cleaning so often.
  • How does a guy writing about comics every day have a girl friend?
  • I thought this post was on Ka-zar? What's with all the naughty notes?
I'm getting to Ka-Zar!

In the 1981 Ka-zar the Savage #1, Ka-zar has a scene where he gets down with Shanna, a jungle woman. They literally stumble into each other's arms and begin to rumble in the jungle. Afterward they are just laying in the jungle's foliage, back in their jungle garb and airing-out. Gross! I mean don't get me wrong...I heard Shanna knows what she's doing when swinging from the vine (if you know what I mean), but jump in a lake and find an aloe plant...something!

To make it worse, Ka-zar tries hooking-up with another woman in the jungle the same day. I heard Ka-zar was a beast but I didn't know he was a dog. You know he wasn't planning on finding a lake after round two, either.

The comic of the day has presented one of my worst fears: me and a smoke'n woman alone in the jungle...oh and she's of course into me...duh. If I make it happen I die due to a horrible disease, but if I pass I'm a fool.

Heck! I'm no fool. I would die a man's death!

A Ka-zar man's death.

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