Sunday, September 5, 2010

Justice League America #78

Justice League America #78 - Comic of the DayJustice League America #78 is an issue where the United Nations asks the JLA to help out with a nation resisting the U.N.'s request of a ceasefire. It is your standard JLA book complete with the leadership of Wonder Woman and the cockiness of Guy Gardner. The book is basically a throw-away issue that broadly covers ideas regarding should superpowers help with national conflicts (a slight commentary on actual events, such as the USA getting involved in other nation's civil problems) and war can never be a good thing.

The thing that has me purchasing a ticket on the complain train is the fact that the cover had to add the tag, "Maxima Overdrive." On the comic book cover Maxima is front and center holding a military vehicle and looking intense. In the comic of the day all of the JLA members fight equally in the conflict. Maxima in no way puts it into...

Oooooh! Just as I was typing that last line I realized the cover isn't implying Maxima gets overly fierce while fighting in Justice League America #78; rather, the cover is making a very bad pun. Maxima is holding something that "drives"..."over" her head: "Overdrive."

I hate it even more now.

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