Friday, September 17, 2010

Hawkeye #1 (Vol. 2)

Hawkeye #1 - Comic of the DayAfter losing his gal Mockingbird in Avengers West Coast #100, the red foil-stamped cover issue I posted on last month, Hawkeye does what any emotionally devastated hero does and takes off on his own, living in seclusion from the outside world and it's cruel nature. Basically, Hawkeye went emo.

In Hawkeye #1, Clint Barton, stumbles upon a seemingly Hydra backed base in northern Canada where he finds a half human, half animal creature being attacked by the base's security. Since the creature seems to be fleeing, Hawkeye takes it upon himself to help the mini Wendigo-like fella escape the security forces and Trickshot, Hawkeye's former mentor/teacher. The story is nothing special, but some aspects of it ring of early 90's Marvel. For example...

Mixing Avengers and Adamantium

Marvel really threw around this supposedly rare unbreakable metal a lot in the 90's. Hawkeye uses arrows with adamantium shafts in the comic of the day, Wolverine villains like Cyber (his body was laced in adamantium) appear, and even Spider-Man baddies such as Doctor Octopus received adamantium laced arms (not his human arms, the octopus like ones). Funny enough, when it comes to Hawkeye and adamantium, they both originally appeared in Avengers comic books.

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