Thursday, September 30, 2010

Franken-Castle #21

Franken-Castle #21 - Comic of the DayTime cures everything...even half robotic, cut-up, brain damaged types.

In Franken-Castle #21 the Punisher is shipped off to a secluded island of monsters for his, and others', own good. In something seemingly taken from the Illuminati's playbook when dealing with wild creatures such as the Hulk, the League of Monsters (so legit the get the capitalization treatment) ship Frank off to an island where he can heal-up using the magical powers of the Bloodstone.

In an instant of writing genius, or laziness (depending on how much you actually care), Rick Remender has Franken-Castle drop to the ground on Monster Island in exhaustion, and on the next page throws a "weeks later.." in the corner and gives readers a long-haired, healthy and all human Frank Castle. Sure his mind is warped from the bright red rock in his heart, but besides that...he's kill'n and thrill'n monsters like it ain't no thang.

The comic of the day ends when Frank gives the Bloodstone back to the League of Monsters and Else Bloodstone after a little spat in the jungle...on Monster Island, mind you. Frank walks away healed and ready to go.

And how you bring Frank Castle back from the dead.
  • Frank dies.
  • Monsters put him back together a la Frankenstein.
  • Franken-Castle puts shiny gem in his heart.
  • Franken-Castle heals to form of...Frank Castle!
  • Frank lives.

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