Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Avengers #5 (Vol. 2)

The Avengers #5 - Comic of the DayI don't hate the Avengers, the second volume with the classic title, but I do think I will be dropping the book when the current arc about the time-stream being broken concludes. The Avengers #5 was interesting in that it pushed the current adventure in a direction I did not see coming: the comic of the day is the first appearance of Ultron in the Heroic Age era of the Avengers.

Reasons I enjoy The Avengers
  • Brian Michael Bendis writes some of my favorite iterations in comics. The conversations between the Spider people, both Woman and Man, are highlights in most of his Avenger titles.
  • The Avengers main title has all of the heavy hitters. Iron Man, Thor and the Captain Marvel are very powerful and they are all 3 on the Avengers main title team.
Reasons I'm Ready to Move On
  • John Romita Jr.'s art bugs me more and more. His characters are very box-like and lack flair. I enjoy some of his older work on Daredevil, but his work over the last 10 years has not bean to my liking.
  • Overall, I like the characters on the New Avengers and Secret Avengers titles more.
  • I'm into the story more in the other Avenger titles, and since comics get expensive I figure if I cut a box from my monthly should be an Avenger title since there are 3.
I may come back to this comic book in the future. If anything, this specific comic of the day has shown signs that the direction of the Avengers' stories can be quite epic and event-like with-in their own world.

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