Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Avengers #289

The Avengers #289 - Comic of the DayWhat is the number one thing that everyone wants to see in a comic book? ...besides naked ladies, Jake the Snake, and a drunken Silver Surfer.

That's right...robots beating the crap out of people.

The Avengers #289 pits the girl green goliath, She-Hulk, and the Prince of the Sea, Namor, against a group of large destructive robots. One robot is of course made with an adamantium coating because apparently everything is coated in adamantium in Marvel comics. Nothing is ever made with just regular metal any more. Titanium is for toys. Steel is for sissies. Adamantium is for men! It's right there in the name. It's for "Adam", or also in the name "a-man."

Back to people pounding...these robots do a number on She-Hulk especially. She walks up, throws a punch, and then gets run over. She is smashed through several buildings, grabbed by a leg and swung through another building and then smacked around with an uprooted tree. On top of that, she is almost taken to near by water and held underneath. Thankfully Marrina, an Atlantian, saves She-Hulk before her green lungs could turn blue.

Namor on the other hand fights a couple of robots. He is getting smacked around a bit until he takes one to the water and dead-lifts it's head off it's body. Shades of the great might of the Namor of the golden-age shine through in this scene: all powerful and unstoppable.

Panel for panel, this comic of the day has some of the most robot rumbling I've seen in a book in weeks! On a scale from 1 to 101110101001 I give it a 10010100111.

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