Saturday, September 11, 2010

American Vampire #6

American Vampire #6 - Comic of the DayAmerican Vampire #6's similarities to dried-up blood-sucked dead body:
  • Extremely thin.
  • Unnaturally light.
  • Shocking at first sight.
  • When done with, both are stored in a box.
American Vampire #6's differences from a dried-up blood-sucked dead body:
  • Lively innards.
  • Leaves viewers with a smile.
  • The body lacks great color.
  • One's a book, one's a body...duh.
When the comic of the day sits in your hand your joy of picking up Scott Snyder's fun take on American vampires turns to slight anger as you feel Hulk-like due to the weightlessness of American Vampire #6. The issue is extremely thin and unnaturally light for a $4 comic book. The previous issues of American Vampire included a second story written by Stephen King, but the current American Vampire #6 is a solo creation by Snyder and offers a single story. While the issue lacks many advertisement pages, it does not have the amount of pages usually associated with a $4 comic book.

Lucky for readers, the story by Snyder and the exceptional pencils of Rafael Albuquerque and coloring by Dave McCaig make the book's price easier to swallow: like fresh blood down a vampire's throat the contents of American Vampire #6 go down smooth and refreshing. The Albuquerque and McCaig pairing adds to the time period covered in American Vampire by establishing a believable setting. McCaig's tones also establish that we are not dealing with an action packed superhero romp, but rather a more subtle tale of dark mystery and dread.

Though American Vampire #6 is thin and depressing to look at, the innards are worth the poking around your $4 dollars will allow you.

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