Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #642

The Amazing Spider-Man #642 - Comic of the DayHow can a book with a stunning cover by Marko Djurdjevic fail so miserably on it's interior art? The Amazing Spider-Man #642 features one section of Marko Djurdjevic's Spider-Man universe art banner he recently created for Marvel. Djurdjevic has been Marvel's go to artist when it comes to their big titles' covers, but apparently when it comes to their interiors they could really care less who pencils the content.

This is going to sound a little harsh but, Paul Azaceta has produced one of the worst drawn issues of the Amazing Spider-Man...ever. I know what you're thinking: Dom is being over dramatic because he has a man crush on Spider-Man. First off, crushes are normal and I've accepted that we (Spidey and I) can only just be friends. Secondly, the proof is in the lack of putting an artist on this book that fits the character (that sentence was supposed to be a play on "the proof is in the pudding" saying but it just came out a little choppy, thus this whole section explaining it...where was I? Ah yes...). Pudding is tasty. Azaceta's art is not.

Getting into specifics, Azaceta's character design was poor. Not only did Peter look out of shape, but Peter and the rest of the characters looked Hispanic. In the beginning of the book, before I read any dialog, I did not know Peter Parker was in the scene. I though it was some scene involving a few Hispanic characters that would set up a scene in which Peter enters. Besides the fact that his character designs did not look like the appearances established in the webverse (it's now a Spidey certified term, like geometry with webbing), he also just drew Spider-Man poorly. In the suit I assumed Spidey/Pete was easier to draw, but I guess it's hard not to draw Spider-Man as the fat guy who comes to your Halloween party in a stretched-out Spidey outfit.

Azaceta made Spider-Man look bad. That is unforgivable. Please don't be mistaken, though. Azaceta's art may fit another genre or book better. He still has some talent. It's Marvel I can't forgive. How could they see his art and think, "There's are Spider-Man! Hey-o!"? I know art is just one aspect of a comic book, but when it is so far off the mark the reader (me) is very distracted and not focused on the content of the story. This means not only will I not like the art, but now I just assume the story sucked, as well. I'll have to wait until the braille version of the comic of the day comes out so that I can read the braille review off of They have great reviews...all done in audio files.

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