Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All-Star Superman #8

All-Star Superman #8 - Comic of the DayMe am no like All-Star Superman #8.

Grant Morrison deserves an award for his All-Star Superman #8 script. The comic of the day includes the most confusing dialog to ever make sense in a comic book. Morrison constructs the simplest statements in the most difficult fashion for his Bizarro square-planet adventure which Superman goes on. Understanding what each Bizarro character is saying takes several reads and a very loose understanding of the English language. I actually felt like I may have comprehended what the Bizarros were saying if I just read through their speaking parts quickly. It's like when you read a novel that you are really into and your brain fills in the meaning of words you do not know so you may push on with the engaging story.

The thing to know when dealing with Bizarro characters is that the meaning of what they say is the opposite of it's actual meaning. "Hello" means "goodbye", "no" means "yes"...that kind of thing. It does become difficult when the Bizarros use the pronoun "me" all of the time. It's the Bizarros talking in the third person, basically. When they proclaim that they are doing something they often say "me am". Yeah...

This issue is no guide to sentence structure, that's for sure; however, All-Star Superman #8 does leave your brain in overdrive and your mouth with a smile.

Morrison no am comic book poet.

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