Monday, September 20, 2010

The Adventures of the Thing #1

The Adventures of the Thing #1 - Comic of the DayOriginally presented in Marvel Two-In-One #50, Ben Grimm attempts to go back in time and transform himself back to human form with a formula created by his stretchy teammate Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards.

John Byrnes written and penciled story has the Thing using a Doctor Doom time machine to get all Huey Lewis like and go back in time to when his body was still in the development process...when he wasn't quit so rocky. The past Thing was still filled with a lot of rage from the transformation incident and rather than listening to his future self the past Thing chose to fight himself. Make sense?

Eventually, when the future Thing got his past self to drink the formula the past Thing turned back into Ben Grimm. The future Thing then went...back to the future...and noticed that nothing seemed to change. Ben Grimm was still a buff boulder. Reed then tells his buddy that unfortunately Ben only succeeded in creating an alternate reality and that he could not change his current situation by altering the past.

This is a very interesting point with which comic books deal quite often. When characters go to the past, the publishers must determine if they want the story to actually affect the overall universe or if they just want to give you the alternate reality bs they pulled in this comic of the day. Don't get me wrong, I think what is displayed in The Adventures of the Thing #1 is a great way to explain all of the time travel that takes place in comic books, and how it never really seems to affect the future, but I do not like how most of the time when a character alters the future it doesn't take hold.

Time travel is always tricky to deal with no matter what the medium. It never seems as simple as it does in the Back to the Future movies.

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