Saturday, August 28, 2010

X-Force #4 (Vol. 1)

X-Force #4 - Comic of the DayThis past Wednesday in Manhattan Beach, CA at the Comic Bug, Mike Mignola and his daughter Katie were signing copies of their new collaborative book The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects. In honor of the Mignolas being so kind to stop by the Comic Bug and hangout with some of their fans I decided to post on an obscure book which Mike Mignola was slightly involved with, but many may have forgotten.

I wrote about the first part of the "Sabotage" crossover in my Spider-Man #16 post (Todd McFarlane's last Spider-Man work), yet I did not follow up that post with the second part of the story which is found in Rob Liefeld's X-Force #4. Like McFarlane's Spider-Man #16, Liefeld's X-Force #4 consists of a completely sideways comic book. By that I mean to say, the tops of every panel is on the left side of each page. Reading one book sideways is doable, but once I started reading X-Force #4 I was pretty sick of holding the comic sideways. Plus, the comic of the day seems to have less panels. Most pages seem to consist of one large panel or just a couple side by side panels. So for fans caught up in Liefeld's art at that time were in a way cheated out of more individual panels, yet rewarded with more wide-shot scenes.

The Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy (with an appearance from Deadpool) blowing up one of the twin towers story isn't really the focus of this post. What I found interesting with X-Force #4 is what is at the very end of the issue. There is a guest artist 2 page spread (not sideways) of the X-Force team created by Mike Mignola. Without Mignola's name on the spread any casual comic reader could tell it was Mike Mignola art. His style is so unique and recognizable that I honestly feel like this 2 page gem in the back of X-Force #4 raises the value of this book significantly. Seeing as the book was published in 1991, this early piece by Mignola is worth recognizing as a must have for any Mignola collector.

Lastly, say what you will about Mignola's art, personality and style (I know some who love his art and some who will leave it), the man comes out to the fans and seems to be a very supportive father. He should earn comic and art fan's respect for those reasons alone.

Check out this short article and video on the Mignolas' event at the Comic Bug. For some reason I am not on footage even though I won a $100 gift certificate to the store at the event. I guess I was too busy getting a ton of loot for free! Hey-o!

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