Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Thing #5

The Thing #5 - Comic of the DayHere's to the good old days when Wolverines were fierce and the Thing was one of Marvel's elite strong men.

Thing Thursdays - The Thing #5

More recently Marvel has used the Thing as the strong member of the Fantastic Four, but not so much as an elite strength character in the greater Marvel universe. Back in issues like the comic of the day's Thing #5, Ben Grimm used to be able to take on Wonder Man and She-Hulk one on one while still having time to yell out playful nicknames. Wonder Man, another character who was nerfed by Marvel over the years, is explained to have been able to take down the Mighty Thor with one punch; yet, in Thing #5 Wonder Man lays several mighty blows on the Thing and Ben gets up and sends a rock-slide of power Wondy's way.

Like Wolverine, there was a time when the Thing got too popular and over-used in Marvel comic books. To make way for new characters Marvel began to lower the level of ability of the Thing, a popular comparison hero. The Thing used to battle it out with the Hulk (both he and she), but he doesn't seem to be used for any heavy duty brawling anymore.

On a related note...

In the case of Wonder Man's powers being pulled back...well, I think many people just didn't quite understand his powers. If they started to go down on the awesome scale people didn't seem to notice much, or care.


Timbotron said...

Neat! I'll seek this issue out, as I was always a sucker for any issue where the Tier 100 strong guy would duke it out. I can't believe I didn't know about this one.

Check out Wonder Man's solo series from the 90's. The first 25 issues are solid and they sort of explain some power fluctuations.

Dom said...

I should mention that Wonder Man is being controlled by the Puppet Master in this issue, so it isn't necessarily a fair fight.

I think I may check out some of those solo Wonder Man books. Thanks for the suggestion.