Friday, August 13, 2010

Superman: The Man of Steel #22

Superman: The Man of Steel #22 - Comic of the DayThe "Reign of the Supermen" arc included 4 very memorable covers. One of which graced Superman: The Man of Steel #22 and sported a steel Superman logo shown through the Superman logo opening on the cover. When you pulled back the cover flap the issue revealed one of four new Supermen which guarded Metropolis during the absence of Clark Kent, the real Superman.

The Man of Steel #22 focused on Henry Johnson. Henry was saved by Superman and inspired to good with his life. Clark basically saved Henry from falling off of a high-rise construction site and got all Haley Joel Osment on Henry and asked him to be grateful by paying it forward. Well, once Superman was declared dead by way of Doomsday, Henry decided to do his part by cleaning his streets up by way of a steel suit, hammer and Superman logo. Henry got literal and became "the Man of Steel."

Honestly, Steel was the lamest of the 4 new Supermen. The kid had the powers, a cocky attitude and a leather jacket; the silent floating Supes had the sweet shades, and the other Superman...well he turned out to be evil...which is always cool. Henry simply didn't have the powers to compete. There are only so many gadget based characters (Batman and Green Arrow) the DC universe can take.

The comic of the day may not be the coolest of the four super-symbol cover cuts, but it's still part of a set which remains quite memorable. Oh, and don't forget about the poster inside. Like the star burst on the cover says:


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