Monday, August 16, 2010

Silver Surfer #50 (Vol. 3)

Silver Surfer #50 - Comic of the DayI'm not sure how I got this 3rd printing of Silver Surfer #50, but I'm sure glad I have it. I'm coming to realize that any comic book with Thanos in it is instantly cool.

Thanos as a character has really gone through some swing in popularity over the years. When he first appeared in Iron Man he was something of a cool new villain whos popularity continued to gradually grow and eventually peak with the Infinity Gauntlet mini series. Thanos was more powerful than the gods themselves with but wielding one sweet bedazzled glove. Ah memories...

Unfortunately for Thanos, losing the glove is like loosing the WWE champion's belt: when you have it you're the shit, and when you lose the belt you simply fade away. Thanos may have thought he would get a bit of a resurgence when he appeared in Marvel Vs. Capcom, but his large purple frame just didn't translate very well to the gaming world and he dipped deeper into oblivion.

With the come-back of Galactic battles and characters over the last several years Thanos has burst back onto the comic book scene. Currently, Thanos even has a mini series with his name in it: Thanos: Bunnies or Kitties...He Can't Decide! It's powerful stuff. Perfect for the mad titan.

The comic of the day has an interior. I'm almost sure of it. I believe it's a lot of the Surfer conquering his own doubts and rock statues of Thanos...that old story. Regardless of the filler called content, the super-silver cover alone tells me all I need to know: Thanos is out there, and he is always watching. He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you were Galactus's herald or not, so be silver for goodness sakes!

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