Thursday, August 19, 2010

The New Avengers #3 (Vol.2)

The New Avengers #3 - Comic of the DayI have to apologize to BMB. I mentioned in one of my posts that I did not care for the extended amount of text in the back of the recent Avenger titles because I wanted more pages of the current stories and not pages retelling old stories in different ways. Well, maybe I made a mistake.

I did not actually read the pages of the Avengers and other characters getting all "back in the day" in the comic books. Today, when I finished the always entertaining Bendis and Immonen New Avengers (issue #3), I noticed the written extras were about Kang this time. Kang is a time traveling villain I have recently wanted to understand a little more, so I decided to kill a few minutes and read the Bendis script of heroes and villains (Kang and Doctor Doom) recount their experiences with Kang...especially their first experience. It was actually well done.

Bendis captures the tone of each Avenger and villain, at the end of the comic of the day, while they give their take on Kang and what he means to the them, let alone the universe. Stark got very techy, Hank Pym got very facty and Kang did his best to frame who he is while not giving an inch that he is the greatest conqueror earth has ever known. The Kang effect was explained with an emphasis on why he is dangerous and readers even got a bit of humor when Rick Jones recalls how he saved the day when others seem to have forgotten.

All in all, the last few pages can be purely text based as long as Bendis continues to write the script with interesting points and funny Avenger banter.

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