Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Namor: The Sub-Mariner #45

Namor: The Sub-Mariner #45 - Comic of the DayTonight I watched the Oscar winning documentary The Cove, which documents the killing of dolphins and other horrific crimes against the ocean which are happening in Japan. The movie was very well done and deserving of the Oscar for it's message about why the The Cove's subject matters. To get a clear understanding of the subject matter and how it can relate to everyone, I recommend Netflixing The Cove today.

So with The Cove fresh in my mind I grabbed an old copy of Namor and thought I'd see what the sea's protector was up to in 1993. Well, apparently Namor is right there with the makers of The Cove in terms of safe guarding ocean life and especially whale protection. In Namor #45 he comes across a group of Japanese whalers who are hunting and killing whales. Namor asks why the Japanese fishermen "are disregarding the International Whaling Committee's moratorium on commercial whaling?"

The fisherman replies, "We may still harvest limited numbers for research!"

Namor calls the fisherman out on this ridiculous loop hole in the IWC's ruling and calls the "research" what it really is: slaughter. Killing the whales for research is just a scummy way conducting an assault on whales. The whales are of course used for profit and Namor knows it.

Later in the issue a whale helps save the fishermen from freezing waters and the captain of the whalers realizes that whales have a consciousness that makes them an "intelligent species."

Doesn't it seem like every time you focus on a specific new issue you end up seeing it every where? Besides this Cove/Namor comic of the day, this recently happened when I got in a discussion about "Anchor Babies" and then saw it covered on the "Colbert Report" that night! It's like everything I follow is connected in a convenient way on porpose. Yes! I was able to work in a dolphin joke!

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