Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Infinity Gauntlet #5

The Infinity Gauntlet #5 - Comic of the DayWhat can be worse than one mad-man in control of everything that exists? Having a woman in control.

The Infinity Gauntlet #5 is the pivotal issue in the series. It addresses the fact that the Infinity Gems are more powerful than anything in the Marvel Universe, and the comic of the day also keys readers in on a strange possibly sexist point: in theory, giving a woman or loved one everything seems like a good idea, but in the end giving everything to a woman is not truly wanted, but not very wise.

Throughout the series Thanos tries to give Death, his love, everything...everything except actual equal power and control of all things. Death's servant claims Death does not feel like an equal but rather a "slave" to Thanos' unequivocal power. Thanos says he loves her, but never gives her the gauntlet or allows her to have supreme control.

Thanos then brings his young female relative Nebula to Death's shrine and disfigures and zombiefies her as a gift to Death, a gift that symbolizes the cruel truth that if anyone believes any life is better than death they should try living it in eternal agony. Death can in fact be more desirable than life. For suggesting that life and death are no different in value and that Death herself should have just as many dead souls as life has living, Thanos implies life has no intrinsic value. For this he is called a nihilist.

When Thanos finally becomes the new Eternity and leaves his body behind, shunning flesh and blood, Nebula makes a move for the Infinity Gauntlet and gains complete control of all that is. Nebula beats Thanos' woman protector Terraxia to the gauntlet. Thanos is displaced in space once Nebula removes him from power, but Adam Warlock and Dr. Strange save him to aid in their new quest: bring down Nebula. Apparently, Nebula is an even worse choice for the gauntlet because her mind is weaker. She could accidentally destroy existence because her intellect is not on par with that of Thanos...or in short, her mind is weak because she is a woman.

To sum it all up:
  • A woman is the reason for all the death that has already happened.
  • A woman is the reason that a man lost his power.
  • A woman is the reason all that is will no longer be.
It was one thing to draw women a certain way, but now Marvel has stepped up their sexism by straight up blaming women for the collapse of the universe.

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