Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Infinity Gauntlet #3

The Infinity Gauntlet #3 - Comic of the DayThe greatest heroes and powers of the Marvel Universe come together to beat the drums of war and take part in Adam Warlock's plan to stop Thanos from further altering the universe.

As the heroes gather to fight against Thanos in the comic of the day the reader can't help but know they can do nothing against the absolute power the Infinity Gauntlet wields. While the characters gather there is a moment when Hulk hesitates to help the Avengers and someone mentions that his brute strength would be an asset, but would it? With a thought Thanos can do anything. Punches take time and require being close and the ability to do damage to be effective. As mentioned towards the end of The Infinity Gauntlet #3, the "allies power is less than nothing against Thanos." The Marvel heroes assault is simply a distraction for Warlock's true plan.

Not only do Marvel heroes gather to take-out Thanos, but so too do the elite cosmic powers such as Galactus, Kronos, the Stranger and others. The Living Tribunal, the most powerful Marvel character ever (a judge-like being for the universe) makes an appearance to hear Eternity's (literally the embodiment of the universe) case about whether Thanos should be stop for disrupting order. The Living Tribunal declares nature is taking it's course through the survival of the fittest and leaves the meeting of the powerful. It is a scene where the scale of this story really takes hold. The universe itself seems afraid of what one love-sick being can do with his mitten of might.

A stand-out moment in The Infinity Gauntlet #3 is not necessarily an important element to the planning of the battle, but it is a moment which displays the calm before the storm. Wolverine and the Hulk step outside for air, while waiting on Adam Warlock's return, and come to a realization that they like each other and are very much a like. A panel showing the large Hulk and tiny Wolverine sitting on the ledge of a building side by side is in a way touching.

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