Friday, August 6, 2010

Doomwar #6

Doomwar #6 - Comic of the DayFinally!

It's over.

I didn't always like Doom, but after reading some more of his stories I began to respect him. Ed Brubaker's Books of Doom were especially compelling since they dove into Doom's past and reasons for his Doominess. Unfortunately, Jonathan Maberry isn't Ed Brubaker. Another mini series Maberry is currently writing is Marvel Universe vs. the Punisher, so you kind of get the idea of his writing specialty: not the most in-depth story telling but action packed adventures which have entertaining aspects to them.

Doomwar is filled with action and some entertaining moments, but when I read a book about Doom I want it to be a little more heady. The pay off in the comic of the day just wasn't big enough for me. Doomwar #6 ends without changing anything in the Marvel Universe...well, anything important.

Doomwar turned into the series I was just collecting to finish off the collection. I don't like just have a few issues of a mini series. I have a hard time cutting my losses in that regard. Basically, I gave the first 2 a chance and then got stuck with the last four issues.

Oh well.

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