Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dark Wolverine #89

Dark Wolverine #89 - Comic of the DayIf he's the best at what he does, why does he always seem to get beat-up so quickly?

Wolverine Wednesdays - Dark Wolverine #89

In the third part of the Daken and Franken-Castle crossover, Wolverine uses his adamantium filled body to stop Franken-Castle from killing his son, Daken. In the previous two parts of the crossover, Franken-Castle and Daken beating the hell out of each other and both were, for the most part, taking battle damage and continuing on. For some reason, when Wolverine tries his part in the battle dance he gets beaten down and knocked out in the matter of a couple of pages. What the hey?!

Not only does Wolverine have more battle experience than Daken, he also has adamantium-laced bones. He should be able to take more damage than practically every semi-human in the Marvel universe. After so much Wolverine use over the years Marvel has started to nerf Wolverine's abilities and bring him down to the level of many other characters. The last major character I can remember this happening to is the Thing, Ben Grimm.

I can't stand the fact that Wolverine's stupid haircut-laced son can take more than his old man. What's the comic of the day world coming to?

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