Thursday, August 26, 2010

Captain America #609

Captain America #609 - Comic of the DayReally? Marvel is still trying to push this alternate universe Bucky-like character Nomad on us? Really?

All aboard the Complain Train!

For about eight issues of Captain America, readers have been paying $1 more for the extra pages of story which are not even written by Ed Brubaker. The story of Steve Rogers sidekick (Nomad) from an alternate reality, who is now in the normal Marvel continuity, eats up about 6 pages at the end of Captain America #609. I won't necessarily say the writing is bad or that the art is even horrible (though it isn't my taste). The problem is that the actual Captain America story line is really good and rather than seeing a "to be continued..." followed by pages which could have been filled with some of that "continued...", I am stuck with a story that will not effect Cap in anyway. The Nomad stories do not add to the overall characterization of Steve Rogers or Captain America (Bucky). I buy the book for the title character and I get stuck paying extra for some ad on throw-away story.

Oh, and my thoughts on the actual main story in the comic of the day, Captain America #609...I liked it.

The End.

(Note: A post complaining seemed better than just another comic review.)

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