Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cable #9 (Vol. 1)

Cable #9 - Comic of the DayIn 1994, Cable #9 marked the first time Cable met Omega Red in battle. The two had a skirmish in which Omega Red got the jump on a partially powered down Cable and eventually walked away the tentacled victor. Okay, the two are not exactly arch enemies, but Cable #9 sports a cover that has me thinking they should lock in combat more often.

Looking back at this old M.C. Wyman penciled comic of the day I can't help but feel the Cable-like (partly) robotic nature of mid 90's comic art. The art in this era is memorable for me because this is when I started to really collect comic books. I don't necessarily hate the art...I can just notice some of it's dullness having several years of comic collection under my belt. Every character is buff. Every lady is drawn with an excellent body and in their mid twenties. Every jaw is strong. It's true, this can be said for many current titles under the major publishers, but it just seems more prominent in the mid 90's.

Again, I don't hate the art in this era. In fact, Cable #9 even had some interesting panels which stand-out.
  • When Omega Red powers down Cable completely, and the machine side of his face turns off, Cable gets all Stallone on us and half us his face dies. His face sags on one side making for a funny image, and one not often seen: sad-faced Cable.
  • When Omega Red steps into the room Where Cable is being submitted for tests, Wyman draws Omega Red with massive arms, hands and legs. It's true that real strong men get most of their strength from their legs, but Omega Red's knee to head ratio is like 2 to 1. This image alone is perfectly reflects the mid 90's art a was speaking about earlier.
  • In the beginning of the book Shadow Cat is walking through Rachael Summers for no reason, during a conversation. Just because she can, I guess, Kitty Pride is just chill'n partially all-up in Phoenix's atoms. The Cat needs to learn about personal space boundaries. When she get's in your face...she literally get's in your face.

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