Friday, August 27, 2010

All-New Wolverine Saga

All-New Wolverine Saga - Comic of the DayIf the free Marvel Wolverine Saga comic book tells me anything it tells me that I am not a big fan of people with adamantium, or claws, not named Wolverine.

The comic of the day is a handout which Marvel provided to readers for free to catch them up on the going-ons of the Wolverine universe. What's X-23's story and what is she up to? Who's this stupid new mohawked character and what's with the lame gym-rat tribal tattoos? How does a no-named new guy (Daken...ok, ok, I knew his name) kill the Punisher? These are just the types of questions that the free handout answers.

The comic of the day is actually quite useful for X-Men readers who have been out of the loop for a little while, for X-Men readers who only read the main titles, and for readers who may want to jump onto a Wolverine book but are afraid they won't know anything about his recent activities. Personally, the book reminded me of 2 things.
  1. Wolverine was cooler when he was the only bad-ass mutant with claws.
  2. Wolverine was cooler when he didn't have his memory.
The first point is fairly straight forward. The second point deals with the bulk of Wolverine content written in the past several years. Since M-Day he has had all of his memories back making his life and story less mysterious. I understand readers have wanted answers for years, but there was something to never really knowing for sure what was true and what was made-up in Wolverine's past. The stories after M-Day just haven't been as interesting to me.

It's like on a television show when the male lead and female lead are always so close to getting together. At first they don't actually get together and the audience always feels the tension. This leads to anticipation for more story to see what will happen. On shows like Friends, once Rachel and Ross get together the show started to die down in quality. Granted the show still ran for several seasons, but the episodes started dealing with long arcing story lines that made the individual episodes not as good: they were on a break, are they back together, what's with Joey that point, who was actually still watching?

On the more recent television show Castle, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Becket (some chick) (I wrote their whole names because this show is not as popular as Friends was...yet) (can you have a parenthesis next to another parenthesis? Ah well...back to the sentence.) have the tension thing going. The show wisely keeps them apart as the show enters it's third season and tries to establish a larger dedicated audience which will not mind the risk of the characters getting together. At that point, even if the show loses that audience grabbing sexual tension they'll still have plenty of regular viewers which will keep the show matter how much it may drop off in quality.

Wolverine, I wish you never got together with your memories. You were better when you were single.

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