Sunday, July 11, 2010

X-Men #1 (2010)

X-Men #1 - Comic of the DayA lot of people have hated on the new X-Men #1. Readers seem to not be taken by the current story line flowing through the X titles regarding the undead Dracula and his vampire minions. The vampire thing has been done so many times and before seeing just where this story can go readers have scoffed at the idea.

If you've frequented my blog before you will know I enjoy many vampire tales (American Vampire, Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer and The Complete Dracula). I think the vampire is an interesting creation which when mixed with other supernaturally powered creations can make a fun story or two. In the case of mixing mutants and vampires...I see possibilities.

I am unsure if vampires sucking mutated blood has been done before, but there should be something to it. Maybe a vampire because even more powerful with sucking mutie blood. Or maybe a mutant turned to the ranks of vampires is now an unstoppable agent of the undead. Mutant powers plus night-stalking powers can't be too shabby.

My top 5 Mutants I want to see as vampires:
  1. Angel - Would his wings turn to bat wings?
  2. Namor - Would his ankle wings turn to bat ankle wings?
  3. Mimic - If vampires do not have reflections, would Mimic be able to reflect other's powers?
  4. Jamie Madrox - Why bite others to create a vampire army when you can simply make your army via yourself.
  5. Professor X - Mind and blood leech. Deadly combo.
The comic of the day is just a stepping stone to some potentially fun story lines. Right off the bat (pun intended), we see Wolverine decapitate a vampire in X-Men #1. That panel alone tells me this story has a future in my comic box.


Timbotron said...

I read the X-books in trade, but I'm really not sure about this one. How is the writing? I haven't been a huge fan of any of the incoming crop of crime writers, so I'm worried this X-book isn't for me.

Dom said...

Honestly, you could miss this one. It seems more like some commercial vampire killing fun. It is pure pop-corn entertainment...though, no one should eat pop-corn and read comics at the same time. Just imagine all of the buttery saltiness on your fingers. That's just wrong.

Timbotron said...

See, popcorn fun actually sounds good!