Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wolverine Weapon X #15

Wolverine Weapon X #15 - Comic of the DayThe problem with time travel stories is that unless they are very basic, like Back to the Future, by the end there is often confusion and lack of interest.

Wolverine Wednesdays - Wolverine Weapon X #15

Like Michael J. Fox, Wolverine Weapon X #15 is a little shaky. The main Deathlok unit in Jason Aaron's "Tomorrow Dies Today" arc begins to question his lack of human emotion and in turn overrides his human killing nature. Basically, the cyborg part of Deathlok wants to experience being human and shuts down the human voice inside of him from retaining control of his actions. Why or how the Deathlok unit does this is a bit unclear. I think it had something to do with him killing a woman in the future before he went to the past to kill the woman again...yeah, I don't know.

I did not want to take out my feelings for the content of this book on Ron Garney's art, but I will. It was still better than many Marvel artists with regular titles, yet it was not up to the Garney standard. It actually looked a little rushed. Some panels looked as good as ever, and then others just seemed sketched out quickly and unrefined. Again, the art may have been fine and I am just nit-picking at the comic of the day since it made me feel stupid for not fully understanding it.

Me is stupid.

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