Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ultimate Extinction #2

Ultimate Extinction #2 - Comic of the DayDespite Wikipedia's advice I decided to just go ahead and continue reading the Ultimate Extinction mini series, and after reading Ultimate Extinction #2 I now understand what other readers see in the Marvel Ultimate Universe books.

I have talked about avoiding the Ultimate books in the past because they are not apart of the standard Marvel continuity books which I have invested my interest in for so many years. Tweaking origins and the development of characters I grew up enjoying did not appeal to first. Now I am beginning to find that sense of wonder which comes along with discovering new worlds of imagination. While reading the comic of the day Ultimate Extinction #2, the comfort that I usually have when reading a Marvel book was not present. I did not know where the book was going, where the characters intentions lie and even who some of the players are. Reading an Ultimate book is like being introduced to comic books all over again.

A comic book story can only be told so many times with the same heroes and villains before the excitement is absent from the pages. Marvel's Ultimate takes on their books and characters allows familiar faces to still be used, yet changes the premise of an established story, origin or character intention. The Ultimate Universe is growing on me because I love comic books, original stories and Marvel characters.

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