Friday, July 2, 2010

Spider-Man: Reign #4

Spider-Man: Reign #4 - Comic of the DayBy the time you get to Spider-Man: Reign #4, the last issue in the Spider-Man: Reign mini series, you begin to notice Kaare Andrews forehead and in between eye lines on every character. I am unsure if the vertical lines bug me or if they are intended to bring more attention to certain faces.

Andrews art didn't sit well with me during Spider-Man: Reign #1, but by the time the series and comic of the day concludes his talents are appreciated. Andrews design and pencils are best suited for the characters that are...well, suited. The super-villains and Spider-Man (in his various uniforms) have an exaggerated stylized look to them that reinvents their looks in a world 30 years later. Spider-Man, and even the scorpion at times, has a McFarlane feel in that he moves like a spider and is drawn with a flexible frame.

The story wraps up with a surprise or two, yet nothing overly unpredictable. In the end, the story concludes in a way one may expect, but it isn't the conclusion which will satisfy Spider-Man's the journey Andrews takes us on while using that familiar Spider-Man theme of power and responsibility that will make Spider-Man: Reign a nice addition to any Spidey collection.

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