Thursday, July 1, 2010

Secret Avengers #2

Secret Avengers #2 - Comic of the DayIn the words of Chris Rock, "...and it's all right, because it's all white."

Ed Brubaker is writing an interesting opening story arch in Secret Avengers, and that should be no secret (well played) to anyone who has ever read his work: most notably and currently, his Captain America. However, the honor of comic of the day is given to Secret Avengers #2 not for it's story-telling but rather for the appearance of Secret Avenger member Moon Knight in a cape-less/hood-less uniform.

It should go without saying that wearing the cape and hood on Mars, a planet smaller than Earth with a lesser gravitational pull, was a good call. The cape would flail a little differently and drop at an odd pace, thus throwing out Moon Knights game. If he was a much stronger character the subtleties of a cape's weight may never come into play. For example: Thor wears a cape and is in between space and other planets constantly, but he has such limitless strength that the weight of cloth probably doesn't exist to him. If someone told him that cloth weighs something he wouldn't believe them.

"By Odin's sash, this material is light!"

The look of white ninja looks cool for Moon Knight. Though the all white body-suite makes him look like he has a pretty generic costume, besides the red dirt it is sure to pick-up on Mars, I agree with Chris Rock.

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