Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe Vol.5

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe Vol.5 - Comic of the DayIn Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together, Scott Pilgrim gets it together. His relationships seem to be on the up and up and his life with Ramona, his girlfriend, seems to be on track. And then came volume 5, Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe.

The comic of the day is where Scott's life get's deconstructed. His relationships with his friends becomes strained and end up in very different places then where they were established in volumes one and two. Scott himself seems to shift from the devolving Homer Simpson we see in the last book to a motivated, but forgetful still, guy. This is finally the issue where Scott's previous behavior and actions come back to haunt him, yet instead of being on the side of "he had it coming" we end up hoping he can recover. He is the player, on the team we hate, that is just so likable. How can someone hate David Ortiz?

The Double Impact like battle (if the Van Dams were evil) wraps up the second to last Scott Pilgrim volume. In exactly one week from now (next Tuesday the 20th) the last Scoot Pilgrim installment comes out: Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour. After five mostly black and white magna books filled with ex-boyfriend battles, video game jokes, relationship difficulties and characters that seem to be just exaggerated enough to not remind me of a specific person, I can not wait to pick up the finale Scott Pilgrim volume.

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