Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together Vol. 4

Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together Vol. 4 - Comic of the DayScott Pilgrim is Homer Simpson. You may not have caught onto it at first, but as you read from volume 1 on the Homer Simpson effect is clearly taking place.

The long running television show "The Simpsons" originally featured Homer, a none too bright father who had a heart of gold and a brain of donuts. Mmmm, donuts. As the show continued on for many seasons Homer started to be written with a stupider and stupider tone. His casual dim-witted behavior turned into the ridiculous moron of a character we see on the "Simpsons" decades later. In the Scott Pilgrim books, Scott Pilgrim seems to be written in the same vein as Homer, stupider and stupider. At times I scoffed out-loud while reading the fourth volume, Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together. He can barely remember his birthday now? Geez...or gggggggg (literally G's).

Okay after that last line you are starting to think these posts are like Homer Simpson. You have a point. Moving on...

Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together is, despite the opening, a fun read. By this time the characters have become people I know. For example, lines said by Scott's friend Stills are specifically funny when said by him and when Scott asks a standard dumb Scott question the book makes you roll your eyes and think, Scooottt.". As a new reader to the book, just jumping on at the comic of the day and volume 4, one may not get the personalities of the characters or why the heck Knives still hangs out with Scott's crew.

Great weird, but fun, additions to Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together Vol. 4
  • Subspace. Yeah. Even the book doesn't know what subspace is at first.
  • Ninjas
  • Half-Ninjas
  • The L-word. Not "love". Lesbians. Though "love" does make an appearance...a hot sexual appearance.
  • + to experience points everywhere!
  • Lastpage hidden Bryan Lee O'Malley gem. It isn't part of the story but it is still fun and a can't miss page.
  • Color! Well...some. The first bunch of pages gives you an idea what some of the characters look like in color. Surprisingly, like Homer Simpson, they are all yellow?! Just kidding only Knives is Asian. Comic book racism always brings a lovely ending to my family friendly posts.

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