Friday, July 9, 2010

Scarlet #1

Scarlet #1 - Comic of the DayI was starting to think that Bendis was a bad-ass woman in another life based on his excellent writing of female characters, but maybe he simply writes female characters the way guys wish women were. After reading Scarlet #1 I was thoroughly excited to see more of this comic and character in the future. I thought Bendis wrote an interesting first issue which set up where the book was going and where Scarlet, the title heroine, intentions lie and how they came to be. All in all, I liked the book. But then along came a woman and her independent ideas... The nerve!

Apparently my take on Scarlet #1 was not shared by my obviously tasteless lady pal. She didn't hate it, but was not impressed. At first I thought the basics:
  • Women are just dumb in general.
  • Women are huge liars, and she never read the book.
  • Women are crazy jealous of other women, and this woman hates on Scarlet because she is so amazome (yeah, so cool she is the mix of "amazing" and "awesome").
  • Maybe she didn't like the art...but what do women know about art? Back to my first point!
Touching on the art should not be lost in this post. Alex Maleev has done wonderful work yet again for his Daredevil and various other Marvel one-shots partner, Brian Michael Bendis. Maleev brings a shadowy feel to his imagery and excels in his facial expressions. His faces make me absorb the individuals joy, pain, anger and everything else in between. Scarlet has been a lovely follow up to his Spider-Woman motion/regular comic book, also written by Bendis.

Back to why women may not like Scarlet #1... I'm thinking it's the female tone. Maybe women don't really react the way Scarlet has in the comic of the day. Does the reaction feel false? I just don't know. I could be going abut this wrong. Maybe it's not a women don't like this book but just this issue or style type of thing. Maybe the way the narration is told through speech square blocks just feels wrong. The square blocks do seem as if Iron Man is telling the story. His speech is always in a square, but usually colored, block. Freak'n robot. All that technology and he can't make his voice sound normal.

Sudden End.

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I hate you, and I hate this post. But mostly you.