Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Invincible Iron Man #28

The Invincible Iron Man #28 - Comic of the DaySince the creation of Iron Man in 1963 artists have struggled with capturing the emotion of the character. Tony Stark himself is easy enough to draw: these days his distinctive look is captured with a tan and a goatee. The tough art comes while Tony is in his Iron Man suit. How does an artist make a metal, unmoving face-plate, show emotion?

Easy. Salvador Larroca just bends the metal.

Larroca realizes the facial emotion is very important when dealing with tight conversations, so rather than draw the eye-slots or mouth-opening with crisp straight lines, Larroca angles them a bit in the comic of the day. If Iron Man is angry, Larroca pencils the eye slots slightly downward towards the middle of the face. If Iron Man is sad...the reverse. Slight shading also helps with the noise point on the Iron Man face-plate, but in The Invincible Iron Man #28 it's all about the tilted eye-slots and once in a while a slightly curved mouth-opening.

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