Friday, July 30, 2010

Franken-Castle #19

Franken-Castle #19 - Comic of the DayFranken-Castle #19 represents one thing I hate about collecting comic books and one thing I love about the Punisher.

Franken-Castle Friday - Franken-Castle #19

The ugly truth about Franken-Castle #19 is that the comic of the day is ruining my comic book cataloging. The comic book series started out as the Punisher, so the title found its placement in my comic book box consisting of other Punisher comics and other titles which begin with the letter "P". Unfortunately, the title changed from the Punisher to Franken-Castle, yet continued in it's numerical progression. This brings me to the problem: Do I continue to put the book in session with the Punisher (since it will most likely turn back to the title anyway), and get all Dexter with my books by breaking the code; or, do I follow the code to a "T", "P" and "F"? Cataloging comics is already frustrating and time consuming, this just adds to the mess of it all. Fortunately, it has happened before, most recently when the Incredible Hulk turned into the Incredible Hercules, so I do have some experience with the situation. Harry, I'm breaking the code. The book will stay in the "P's".

Now with the good things about this book.

This issue reminds me of why I love comics. If you like books where the characters actually fight it out for the length of the book...get this comic. Two hardcore brawlers in the Punisher and lil' Wolverine (Daken) go at it like comic book fans always wished two classic characters would (Daken is basically Wolverine). Guns, claws, trains, explosions, impalings, scene changes...all the while the two are tearing into each other. And that isn't even the best part.

Wait till you get to the last 2 pages.

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