Friday, July 16, 2010

Ex Machina #15

Comic of the day post.
Ex Machina #15 - Comic of the Day
Dom drop a load on em'!

BKV, how can I explain it?
I'll take you page by page it.
To have y'all readin' shall I typin' it.
B is for Brian, K is for Killin' through your temple.
The last's not that simple.
Its sorta like another way to call a man a genius.
It's seven little letters that are missin' here.
You get on while read'n at the other comic,
As the poster it seems I gotta start to explainin'.
Bust it!
You ever had a book and read it just for a starter?
You read its name and number and then you feelin' much smarter?
You get home, wait a day, it's what you wanna know about.
Then you read up and it's the writer or the subject's feel.
It's not a front, F to the R to the O to the N to the T.
It's just the subjects are so good (Boy, that's what is scary).
Its BKV, time Brian V's what you get it.
There's no room for collecting it there's just room to read it.
How many readers out there know what I'm gettin' at?
Well if you do, that's BKV and you're not down with it.
But if you don't, here's your membership.

You down with BKV? (Yeah you know me!)
You down with BKV? (Yeah you know me!)
You down with BKV? (Yeah you know me!)
Who's down with BKV? (Cuz every homie should be!)

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