Monday, July 5, 2010

Earth X #0

Earth X #0 - Comic of the DayThanks to a 75% off bin I now have the complete Earth X series. My buddy was going to get it but did not. I was going to get it for him because I'm that friend who is not genuinely nice or a good person; rather, I try masking it by simply buying things for people. I'm a bad person but you at least get something out of it. Well, usually. In this case I kept the Earth X series. I'm a bad person.

Earth X #0 is a bit of a read. I wouldn't say the issue is incredibly long, but it is like reading the Marvel series Marvels or DC's Kingdom Come. What do all three of these comic books have in common? Alex Ross. Ross is one of those creators that people love when they first discover his art but then get burned out on very quickly. I am not quite to that point. I think he is more than an artist as proof with his story creation ability in his Dynamite published books, Earth X and many others. He is credited with story creation in many of his books though not the actual scripting.

The comic of the day follows an android named Aaron Stack, or X-51. He is taken to the moon by Uatu, the Watcher where he is told the story of Earth...the story which no body but the Celestials (the true creators, not man labeled Gods), and the Watcher Uatu, know. X-51 is then told that due to Uatu's loss of vision, which I have a feeling may come up in future issues, X-51 must be the new Watcher of Earth.

Seeing as Earth X was written in 1999, a pre 9/11 world, I would like to see the authors' (Jim Krueger and Alex Ross) take on humanity and it's future. The book may be the same if it was created 9/12 or if it was created 20 years ago, but I think it may still be an interesting read.

As I mentioned before, Ross has done books very similar to Earth X in his work on Marvels and Kingdom Come. All three seem to involve the witnessing of Earth changing due it's champions or other society changing events. The third person point of view seems to be something Alex Ross is intrigued with, or as his haters would say... "something Alex Ross has played out. Hack!"

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