Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dead of Night #1 - Featuring Man-Thing (MAX)

Dead of Night #1 - Comic of the DaySticking with the Marvel MAX theme from yesterday's post, mixed with my curiosity over a lesser known Marvel character who has been around for some years now, I picked up a Dead of Night MAX mini series. When I purchased Dead of Night #1, featuring Man-Thing, I did not know there were several other MAX mini series released at the same time featuring different characters such as Devil Slayer and Werewolf by Night. Knowing that now, after reading the comic of the day, I probably will not be picking up the other minis.

Don't get carried away with that last statement. I did not say that I did not like Dead of Night #1. In fact, I did enjoy it. The additional information which was left untold in my above paragraph is that Man-Thing is currently apart of the very popular and fun comic and team, The Thunderbolts. The new Thunderbolt team definitely has some odd choices on it, but none more out-there than the addition of Man-Thing. I've seen him around in art work, in a couple recent Punisher comic books and in a foreshadowing Thunderbolts issue from some months ago, yet I never really learned much about him. Is he like Swamp Thing? What is his origin story and what is with the teleporting thing from the Thunderbolt's issues?

The first issue of Dead of Night knocked out the origin story, but that's about it. The reader gets to see a brief time when Man-Thing was just...well, a man. Searching for new super-soldier serum, yadda, yadda, yadda, he falls in a swamp...BAM! Man-Thing!

(Note: If you are thinking about looking for this issue you should know going in that the tale is told by a "Tales From the Crypt" like creature who digs graves. He's called Digger. Yeah, very creative. I know.)

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