Monday, July 26, 2010

Captain America #601

Captain America #601 - Comic of the DayWho would have thought that the winner of the 2010 Eisner Award for best single issue would be a comic book which involved superheroes fighting vampires? 2010 Eisner Award winning best writer, Ed Brubaker, wrote an extremely deep issue which I had to reread to understand what Brubaker was trying to say or express in Captain America #601.

My first take was that the book explores the agony of war. Captain America and Bucky Barnes, men bread for the inhumanities of war, struggle with seeing people die around them only to have to kill the innocent again when they rise as vampires. The vampires are turned from men, women and children. This is where I started to understand the comic of the day a bit more.

Becoming a vampire is like an evil, uncaring, indiscriminate virus. Good people wonder why evil happens. Why was/is there evil so unjust and merciless such as the Nazis? WWII was a time of destruction, bigotry and evil without reason. Just as the Nazis spared no one unlike themselves, so to did the vampires in Captain America #601. They fed on good men whom fought for what was right. The vampires attacked outsider women who only meant to inspire and bring joy, and the vampires attacked a little girl...innocent by nature. The vampires as Bucky describes to Nick Fury caused Bucky and Cap to do the opposite of which they were trained and created for: kill innocents.

The super-natural tale is quite moving when thought of in terms of evil making one do what they never wanted to. In Captain America #601, Cap and Bucky represent the soldiers on the side of right, and WWII was a horrible war, but no different than any war which takes lives. Cap and Bucky are every man who had to carry a gun and do things they were never meant to do to another person. No good man wants to take a life, but evil and the Nazis pushed good men to do terrible things which can never be forgotten.

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