Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Batman: Hush

Batman: Hush - Comic of the DayJeph Loeb and his favorite letterer Richard Starkings team up again to add to their already long resume (wiki it - this is going to be a short post and I do not want to type every book they did together out then link them all to the posts I have already done on them) of successful stories. With the legendary Jim Lee, whom adds his buffed-out Batman style, DC adds another memorable Batman story to their list with Batman: Hush.

The comic of the day reads like many of Loeb's other stories with a narrative over the top of the story. In this case, the narrative goes a long with the story as apposed to the main character remembering an adventure or moment in their life. Of course, the whole time reading the book one is trying to figure out who the mysterious villain is pulling strings in Batman's life. Like Loeb's The Long Halloween (also lettered by Starkings), Batman: Hush is filled with many classic Batman's rogues. As the book's pages turn, another villain is added to the fold, piling on the list of potential head puppeteers.

Loeb has a way of leading a reader down an obvious path and then knocking them off of it very abruptly. Sometimes in comics that can come off as too tricky or even cliche, but the way the "Hush" arc progresses the style of deception is welcomed. Like Batman in "Hush", the reader is pulled in different directions throwing off the necessary concentration of a detective which is needed to solve exactly what is going on, and why.

The story is long and will take a portion of your work day to comple...I mean...I didn't read this while at work! I was working hard all day. As I was saying...while reading Batman: Hush at home (dramatic pause) I came to appreciate the ending of the book and found the last 10 pages very rewarding. It's no Christopher Nolan ending, but it makes you think and smirk all the same.

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