Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #638

The Amazing Spider-Man #638 - Comic of the DayMost posts on The Amazing Spider-Man #638's "One Moment in Time" opener are going to be about the actual content. The biggest game changing event in Spider-Man history since Peter removed his mask about a year before, "One More Day" altered the relationship between Mary Jane and Peter Parker forever...or at least so far. The Amazing Spider-Man #638 tackles what was changed in Peter's life to make the Parker marriage no more. The comic of the

Ok! That's it! I can't go any further with this comic book. You can alter Spider-Man's history, you can take the Venom symbiot away from Eddie Brock, and in this very issue you can draw Peter Parker kind of chubby; but for the love of everything the Spidey-verse is, was and ever shall have to get Mary Jane's hair color right.

Mary Jane's hair (deep breath) is RED!

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