Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #636

The Amazing Spider-Man #636 - Comic of the DayIf you aren't reading the current "Grim Hunt" story arch in the Amazing Spider-Man then let me sum up the comic of the day, part three, for you: the twist everyone saw coming...came.

Isn't that the problem with so many stories these days? If you read a lot of fiction, comic books, watch television often or even attend the movie theater regularly you pretty much know how many comic book stories are going to end or evolve. Plus, when the comic book you are reading is advertising the next story arch within the pages of the current story arch you can kind of see where the book is going. There is not a whole lot of mystery in current superhero comic books.

With that said, there is more to "Grim Hunt" then what happens to Peter Parker. The tale chronicles the attempts of the Kravinoff family as they try to resurrect their father Kraven "the Hunter." The how and why are explained quite quickly in the first couple of issues, but as readers get into the third part, The Amazing Spider-Man #636, the question of "does Kraven even want to be brought back" arises. It is an important question because while his family longs for the return of their father, the fact remains that Kraven killed himself. He wanted to die after he defeated Spider-Man and wore his black pj's. Crazy bastard.

...and that reminds me!

I always hated how proud of himself Kraven was after he buried Spider-Man alive. He felt like he got the best of Spider-Man, but for a self proclaimed great hunter Kraven sure was quite the cheap-shot artist. He was always trying to use some kind of drug or gas on Spider-Man instead of just going at him in hand-to-hand combat at full strength. I guess Kraven is no different from today's hunters: killing deer with rifles. You know...a fair battle between man and beast.

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