Monday, July 12, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #556

The Amazing Spider-Man #556 - Comic of the DayChris Bachalo has created some memorable Marvel covers. He has created iconic Iceman imagery with his X-Men #190 cover and a spider-smashing face blow with is Amazing Spider-Man #575. With astonishing covers like those one wonders why, when they come across The Amazing Spider-Man #556, Chris Bachalo limited his talents to fit the story in this comic of the day.

Bachalo does Spider-Man like no other artist. His energy driven pencils give the wall-crawler a flare that few artists can capture. Yet sandwiched between some excellent Bachalo covers of the Amazing Spider-Man #555 and #557 is the very basic (for Bachalo) Amazing Spider-Man #556. We see a tiny Spider-Man in a vast cover of cold. The cover conveys the chill Spider-Man is feeling during the odd blizzard which is taking place in New York city during the Bachalo driven "Brand New Day" tale. Like the previous run-on sentence, the cover works, but could have been handled better. As a fan of Bachalo I am greedy to see more, and unfortunately, this cover is intentionally simplistic...just like this post.

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