Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #359

The Amazing Spider-Man #359 - Comic of the DayI recently saw a twitter feed from Erik Larsen which stated he was very proud of the Spidey-verse character Cardiac which Larsen first penciled in The Amazing Spider-Man comics. This tweet stood out to me because one of the first comic books I can remember getting (from my father, I think) was The Amazing Spider-Man #359 which displayed Cardiac battling Spider-Man on the cover.

Spider-Man Sunday - The Amazing Spider-Man #359

This particular comic of the day is, if I can remember correctly (it was a long time ago), the comic book which got me into comic book collecting and Spider-Man in general. I started getting consecutive issues after this book and really began to fall in love with the character.

The Amazing Spider-Man #359 is actually the first cameo of Cletus Cassidy, the serial killer which was jailed with Eddie Brock. A few issues later Cassidy made his first appearance as Carnage. After the Carnage books wrapped up their 3 issue arch I began to explore older Amazing Spider-Man issues by way of my cousins comic book collection (he had old Venom stuff which at the time felt so evil and intense) and through searching the comic bins at my local comic shop in Willowick, Ohio.

That was my first comic book shop. I do not remember the name of the place but I remember the counter was raised like a pharmacist's counter. With promises of extra chores and help in the yard, my father bought me Avengers #100, my first old comic book, from the display case at my first shop. It was like owning the first baseball card or an Egyptian artifact. It was old, slightly worn and all mine. I bought myself plenty of Sleepwalker issues, Spawn #1 and the black bagged Superman #75 (which I still have unopened in the bag) there, as well.

I would like to go back to Ohio one day and stop by that ally way by the grocery store. The little unnamed shop where my father picked up The Amazing Spider-Man #359, and thus set me on my comic book path.

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