Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alias #8

Alias #8 - Comic of the DayIn this follow up comic of the day post I plead to my readers to pick up some Alias comic books and give the Marvel Max series a try.

Brian Michael Bendis writes strong female characters. I've gone on about this before in previous posts about Alias, Spider Woman and the new Bendis book Scarlet, but I must stress his care for the female experience. His women do not seem over the top or exaggerated, but rather they are women possessing the bare minimum (if any) super-powers yet they still get their jobs done and continue to wade through their seemingly crappy lives.

Alias #8 is the third part in a story about Rick Jones. Rick was the kid Bruce Banner pushed out of the way when the gamma bomb went off. Well, if you don't know much about Rick Bendis lays out his past in an interesting way which may or may not be all true. Rick's word is all readers and Jessica Jones (no she and Rick think) have to go off of when determining why Rick has left his wife and why there may be skrulls after him.

The skrull aspect is interesting to me. In the future Jessica Jones is linked to a baby which may have been a skrull, and now that I read that skrulls may be involved in her series from back in the early 2000's when all of the Secret Invasion (skrulls invading earth after years of planning and spying) ideas were supposedly thought up by Bendis...well...I am definitely curious to see where this Alias arch goes.

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