Friday, July 23, 2010

Alias #7

Alias #7 - Comic of the DayWhile continuing on with the Brian Michael Bendis Marvel Max series Alias, I read through a couple of pages (which while in Alias #7 were important to the story) that when done in the recent Avengers and New Avengers issues are not appealing at all. The pages I am referring to are completely text based pages. No panels. No pictures. Just text.

At the end of the restarted Avengers and New Avengers titles there has been all text pages that consist of the Avengers heroes retelling their early team experiences. While the content may be interesting, it has nothing to do with the $3.99 comic book I bought and by the time I get to the end of the issue I am only interested in the current storyline. I am not in the mood for a trip down memory lane at the moment I complete the current issue's story. I tell myself I'll go back and read the text pages later, but let's be honest...that's not going to happen.

Alias #7 does the full page of text right. It is relevant to the story at hand. In the comic of the day the text is direct text Jessica Jones is reading from a book. There are not several pages in a row of text to read and the font is large enough where the page takes maybe a few more moments than looking over a normal paneled page.

I hope Marvel stops putting the dialoged past content in the back of their books and just keeps the books a few pages shorter, and a dollar cheaper.

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