Sunday, June 6, 2010

Web of Spider-Man #100

Web of Spider-Man #100 - Comic of the DayComic books can be like church. Church, to many people who would say they are religiously identified as Christian, can be a place Christians frequent only on "special occasions" such as Christmas and Easter Sunday. Casual religious followers find themselves either too busy or lazy to attend church regularly; however, they will make sure to hit up the holy halls for the big two on the church chart. Comic books can be the same in that a comic book reader may be a casual reader of certain titles. They make sure to pick up the titles on "special occasions" such as issues 1, 100 and every 25th issue in the title's run. These are generally the important issues (so say the publishing companies) which are larger then others and either open or close an important arch in the comic book's run. Other times they are used for marketing purposes...publishers hoping their comic book buyers whom follow religiously.

Spider-Man Sunday - Web of Spider-Man #100

Web of Spider-Man #100 is my choice for comic of the day and this week's Spider-Man Sunday addition because it is an example of a comic book that publishers too often dish out on a numbered issue they know most readers will buy.

Web of Spider-Man #100 is mix of marketing ploy and actual important issue. It does infact close out a story arch, but it's main selling point is "look at the crazy new suit Spider-Man is wearing in his 100th mega issue!" Spider-Man sports an armored suit which has rarely appeared since this issue. The cover is supposed to remind buyers that not only is this a 100th issue, but it may also introduce something that can be a part of Spider-Man for issues to come. To a trained comic reading eye, one can see that if the cover is too flamboyant or over the top giving something away then the issue is basically a throw away (don't ever actually throw a book away you Nazi) and the story isn't that important. A rookie reader will think, "Dang?! What have I missed since picking up issue #75? I need to get this!"

Now I am not saying a trained reader won't still get an issue #100 even if they know it'll be trash (never put a comic in a trash bag...the only bag for a comic should be a flat comic sized one with a piece of cardboard in it) the reader still gets the book. Just as with church, even if you don't truly believe in God you still want to cover yourself from eternal damnation on that slight chance you were wrong.

In the end, Web of Spider-Man #100 is not important. What is important is that we realize that like the church, the comic industry can be corrupt. The church knows people will always need hope and a sense of belonging or the need for saving; and the comic industry knows that readers will buy certain issues no matter what content they put into them. We as the public may try to police the organizations through logic, laws and our money, but in the end there are only 2 truthes in this world:
  1. Whether there is a God or not, people will always err on the side of "I'm not going to hell for not going to church for 2 hours out of the year."
  2. Comics are evil.

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