Monday, June 28, 2010

Ultimate Extinction #1

Ultimate Extinction #1 - Comic of the DayWikipedia wants me to buy more comic books. Like I do with when writing most comic of the day posts, I check out the comic title on Wikipedia to double check some of my facts such as creators, dates, spelling of objects such as Mjollnir and names such as Kallark (Marvel's Gladiator's real name). What I am not intending to find is that the mini-series I have recently purchased is part of a trilogy of mini-series. Oh, and the series I purchased, Ultimate Extinction, is the third part of the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy. That means I need to buy 2 more mini-series before I can read Ultimate Extinction they way it is intended to be read.

Though Wiki apparently hates me since I never add information or donate money, I am still thankful for it's existence. Wikipedia is a bit like having a friend with an iphone. That friend can be very handy when you are driving somewhere and need some info on the go; however, at other times in normal conversation your friend always has to whip-out their iphone (who am I kidding...they always have it out constantly playing with it. I'm right here!) and correct some minor misinformation in a story that wasn't even that relevant or necessary to know.

"Actually...Guatemala declared it's independence from Spain in 1821 but wasn't actually recognized by Spain until 1850. But you were saying?"

Fuck you.

Pros of Getting the First 2 Parts of the Trilogy
  • I get to enjoy more Warren Ellis dialog. Ellis is one of my favorite writers, so it isn't like I am buying comic books that I wouldn't mind owning.
  • I collect comics, anyway. That's what I do.
  • Reading the whole realized story from start to finish may pay off in the end. If the third mini-series is part of a grand story I may want to fully immerse myself in it to appreciate Ellis's work.
 Cons of Getting the First 2 Parts of the Trilogy
  • I'm not made out of money. I wish I was the money form of Pinocchio and when I lied rolls of Sacagaweas grew in place of my nose. (Note: I spent about 5 minutes figuring out how to spell Sacagawea, which can apparently be spelled several different ways.)
  • I have to wait to read the series I do have until I can buy the previous series. Ah, who am I kidding. I write a blog about comics every day. I've got time.
Dang! 3-2 in favor of spending money. You win Wiki. Like my iphoned're always right.

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