Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thunderbolts #145

Thunderbolts #145 - Comic of the DayThis Thunderbolts team is so ridiculous, the comic itself even points it out.

 As I pointed out in my that Thunderbolts post for issue #144, the assembled team seems a little unrealistic considering what has happened recently with the program and Crossbones, the Thunderbolts newest ultra violent member. But with that said, the new team of the before mentioned Crossbones, Luke Cage, Juggernaut, Ghost, Songbird, Man-Thing and a few others are quite an entertaining group of characters to read.

Big ol' Juggernaut is as hard-headed as ever in Thunderbolts #145 while he thrashes through a forest in search of evil Asgardian trolls (the new Thunderbolt's first mission - capture destructive trolls that escaped when Asgard was destroyed by the Sentry). Juggs' brute force attacks seem to have no effect on the trolls who just sweep him to the side using...tree tactics. Trolls know their way around nature.

Cage, another strength guy, is finding that leading a team of individually motivated convicts, in the comic of the day, can be quite difficult even when you have them pumped full of nanno-bots.

The long are comics gonna drive home the nanno-bot control? The technology actually seems like it could work: receptors targeting one's nervous system to control them or cut off their thoughts. I would like to see the villains controlled by good ol' fashion "tear you apart Sentry-Ares style if you f*** with me." That's the way I was controlled as a kid. Maybe I wanted to throw a baseball through a window just to see it shatter, or steal my neighbor's bike because his didn't have handle-bar streamers like a chick's bike, but I didn't do those things. And why? Because my dad would beat my ass. It wasn't a bad thing. That bit of fear actually helped instill respect towards others and their property.

Oh, and I swear those father beatings will have nothing to do with the shit hole I put him into when it's time for a nursing home.

Happy belated Father's Day dad!

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