Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spider-Man: Reign #1

Spider-Man: Reign #1 - Comic of the DayThere is something about seeing my favorite comic book character in futuristic adventures that just tickles my fancy. Tickled in the way that doesn't cost money or involve driving around in a dark neighborhood until you can find a place to park where you think no one will drive by for the next 15 minutes.

This is yet another comic of the day post that proves I am full of shit. Early on I mentioned that I do not care for alternate universe tales, and though Spider-Man: Reign isn't necessarily an alternate universe but rather a possible universe to be, it is still a story out of normal continuity that I mentioned not enjoying. Well...I enjoy them when they involve Spider-Man...sometimes.

Spider-Man: Reign #1 begins a story involving an older Peter Parker who is living alone without Mary Jane. Peter appears to be feeble and to have to mental problems involving letting go of Mary Jane. He appears, in a strange way, as the pathetic Peter Parker before he was bitten by the radioactive spider so many years ago. He is lonely, jobless (seeing as how we are introduced to Peter as he is being fired from a flower shop) and about to be affected by an old man. Then Uncle Ben. Now J.Jonah Jameson.

Kaare Andrews writes Spider-Man: Reign, but that's not all folks! Andrews also provides the interior art! To be honest, I'm more into the covers than I am the interiors, but as soon as I get going in a Spider-Man adventure it doesn't matter if Captain Fucking Hook is drawing the comic, I'll still read all the way through.

Captain Fucking Hook
  • You thought I meant his hook hand (thus the joke about why he is so bad at art) but he does his pencil work with his still whole hand. I simply don't care for his style.
  • On the other hand (but not really), The Captain can do scratch board art with his hook. What? Because one hand is talented the other can't be? It's still connected to the same person.
  • Captain Fucking Hook's scratch boards fucking suck!
  • Captain Fucking Hook grew up Captain Francis Hook. When ever he would fill a scan-tron or form out he would just put a "F" in the middle initial spot. One day Captain F. Hook was at the front of a very long line at the DSS (Department of Sailing Ships) Office and he was taking quite a while. Well, after Captain F. Hook was still being helped by the only window clerk for going on 15 minutes one ornery and impatient bloke from the back of the line came to the front, looked down at Captain F. Hook's new Driver's license he was picking up and said, "Captain Fucking Hook, let's hurry the fuck up!"
  • Francis likes fishing, but always has a hard time getting the worm on the...

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