Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Sensational Spider-Man #38

The Sensational Spider-Man #38 - Comic of the DayThe Sensational Spider-Man #38 gave all true believers and children of the late 80's and early 90's hope. Hope that soon Eddie Brock would meet up with his original symbiot once again and cleanse the world of the Scorpion clad Venom. Unfortunately, we eventually got Anti-Venom and Scorponok kept the sympiot.


The comic of the day has a cover which knowingly misleads readers. It isn't such a bad thing because Marvel fans knew that Marvel wouldn't go and kill off a staple character in the Spider-Man universe. Marvel would never hurt the Spider-Man franchise like that. Months later..."Brand New Day."

Looking back through The Sensational Spider-Man #38 all I can see is a broken down old cancer ridden Brock which still has the crazies thanks to a certain blob o'black. The story actually makes me sad. To think, a villain I grew up with has been reduced to plotting to kill defenseless old ladies. Though Eddie doesn't die as the cover depicts, the story of the death of the Eddie Brock I used to enjoy does begin here.

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